What Should I Expect at a Thermogram?

Curious as to what to expect with a thermogram? This post takes a look at the basics of this radiation-free, no-touch imaging option.

It’s normal to be hesitant about medical imaging. Medical settings can feel sterile, clinical, and frankly, sometimes a little scary. Not to mention, with most imaging options, you’re at least partially naked, which can be understandably uncomfortable for some individuals!

What Should I Expect at a Thermogram Concerning Scan Options

At Insight, we offer three different thermogram options:
– The Breast Scan: This scan looks at your breasts from several angles, as well as your underarms. Our most popular scan, the breast scan costs $219.
– The Health Study: This scan includes breast images, but also takes a look from head to abdomen, front and back. Arms/hands, legs/feet, buttocks are not included with this scan. If you are wanting a whole-body picture of your health, this is a great choice, unless you’re also having arm/leg concerns, as those aren’t included with this one. Total cost: $425.
– The Full Body: This scan looks at it all. It’s the best choice if you want a “big picture” scan AND have some concerns in the arms/legs/hips/buttocks. Total cost: $575.
– Add-Ons: We also offer smaller studies as add-ons. For example, if you book a breast scan but would also like to look at your thyroid, we can do that for a small upcharge ($80). If you’d like to book a small region-specific study on its own, we currently charge $100 for that.

What Happens During a Thermogram?

Thermal imaging is dependent upon the thermal patterns observed within your body– and these are detected via your skin. That does mean you must undress to at least some degree for your thermogram. However, at Insight Wellness, your privacy is of utmost importance. Rest assured, during your imaging, you will actually be behind a privacy wall and your thermographer will be operating the camera remotely from the opposite side of that wall.

Our thermographers never cross this partition, except in the case of a full body study. There are three images you will need assistance with during a full body study, but we save those for last when you will be able to be clothed again. There is absolutely no breach of privacy.

BONUS: Our environment is serene. The lights are dim, sometimes soft music is playing, and nothing about our space feels clinical or medical. While your body acclimates to the room temperature, your thermographer will ask a few questions regarding your health history, and we will also set up a couple of follow up appointments.

After this “administration” work is complete, we take your images. This imaging process takes 15-60 minutes, depending on which type of scan you’ve booked. Then, you dress and check out and are on your way back home. Before you leave, you’re welcome to view your images if you’d like.

What Should I Expect at a Thermogram After My Images Have Been Taken?

Your images are sent to an organization of board-certified physicians (thermologists). These doctors interpret the scan and send their recommendations/opinions back to our team. Your thermographer will send you a copy of this information. Your thermographer will also call you to explain your imaging report in a clear, concise manner. We can also help formulate a plan of action based on your report if that’s helpful to you.

Some suggestions you may receive from the physician interpreting your images: reboundingdeep breathingdry brushing, dietary adjustments, and supplement recommendations.

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*An older version of this article exists on our thermography website and can be found here.

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