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Erin Gerlt, ND, is a certified Enzyme Practitioner offering Loomis Enzymes® through Insight Wellness.

Loomis Enzymes® are premium quality digestive and systemic enzymes that have helped many clients with a myriad of issues.

Common Questions about Enzymes

Food is fuel for living. Carbohydrates, fats, protein, vitamins, and minerals are essential nutrients designed to keep our bodies functioning at their optimal level. Less widely recognized nutrients in raw foods, but vitally important to our health, are enzymes.

Enzymes are found in fresh fruits and vegetables, and absent in canned or processed fruits and vegetables. These large and complex protein molecules are specific to what they will break down and digest. For enzymes to be active, they need the proper temperature, the proper pH, and the right material to break down. For example, the enzyme protease will only break down protein, not carbohydrate.

Enzymes control biochemical reactions– ours, animals, and plants. While vitamins and minerals are building blocks, it is the enzymes that do the work in our bodies. Enzymes are essential to proper digestion and overall health.

Enzymes are naturally occurring in fruits, vegetables, grains, and other raw foods. Enzymes work to ripen and then slowly digest raw food. For most of us, we obtain our produce at a grocery store, where it is expected to have an extended shelf life to stay fresh and look appealing. This is made possible through genetic engineering that slows the natural enzyme content in our produce.
The problem with this is that when we radically alter our food supply, we aren’t replacing the enzymes. And without the proper enzymes, our digestion and overall health become adversely affected.

It’s a common assumption that whatever we eat is just going to naturally be digested by our body. However, digestion doesn’t “just happen,” and the intricate process of digestion should never be overlooked when it comes to determining the root cause of many health concerns. When improper digestion occurs, symptoms such as gas, bloating and pain often happen.

Digestion breaks up our food into simpler chemical compounds the body is able to use nutrients from, in order to promote energy, growth, or repair. What promotes our digestion, then? Enzymes! If hydrochloric acid in our stomach is low, enzymes can not activate to bring about proper digestion and nutrient absorption.

Absolutely, yes. Digestive enzymes equip our bodies to make the most of our diet. With proper nutrient absorption, we are able to glean more health benefits from the foods we eat, powering our cells to be stronger and healthier.

Aging, illness, and inadequate diet and nutrition can contribute to a loss of enzymes and weak digestion. Enzyme supplements help in the absorption of nutrients, improving our overall health and energy and working to equip our bodies to prevent illness and premature aging.

Everyone can benefit from taking digestive enzymes. These little supplements help to replace enzymes lost during the cooking or processing of food, which frees your body from the burden of creating additional digestive enzymes. This allows your body to be able to naturally produce required enzymes for other vital functions, thereby increasing your overall health and wellness!

Most people can tell a difference in their body in regards to digestive concerns or other symptoms within a few days- some people notice within a few meals!

Most answers adapted from the Loomis Enzyme® website; read more at Enzymes (loomisenzymes.com)

Why wait for a diagnosis to start your journey to better health? Insight Wellness offers a proactive approach to take control of your health.

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