Wellevate is an online patient dispensary developed by Emerson Ecologics, a trusted supplier for high-quality supplements, herbs, natural health and beauty products, and more. 

Common Questions about Wellevate

Simply visit our dispensary using this link to get started. There you’ll find options to view some of our favorite products, some protocols we’ve created for the Insight community, and you’ll be able to search for some of your favorite supplements and natural health products.

You can directly order from the Wellevate site, and products will ship directly to your home.

We work best with people who have already started making some changes to their health but need expert guidance and support — they are not looking for a quick fix. We want you to have a realistic expectation about how long a health transformation takes, so that we can work with you to achieve your health goals.

We’ve made the Insight Wellness Dispensary available to anyone. You can access everything Wellevate has to offer right here.

Shipping is free on orders over $49. For orders under that amount, shipping is $4.95.

SHAPE ReClaimed™

The SHAPE program is a health restoration and lifestyle modification program that combines a unique and easy to follow SHAPE Nutrition Protocol with homeopathic SHAPE drops. This combination provides a simple and effective way to achieve optimal health. 

Common Questions about SHAPE ReClaimed™

The SHAPE drops are a nanomolecular dietary supplement formulated to help you heal on a neurological and cellular level. These drops provide whole body support.

If you have excess weight, SHAPE will help you lose it. We want to be clear, however, that SHAPE is not a diet or weight loss program. Releasing excess weight is simply a common and wonderful side effect of reducing inflammation, cleansing, and improving immunity– all of which SHAPE is designed to do. By following the SHAPE protocol and working closely with your SHAPE practitioners (us!) you can expect to lose weight and keep it off.

We find the SHAPE program to be an affordable wellness program. The cost of the SHAPE program will likely vary from client to client, depending on your individual needs. In addition to the SHAPE drops, SHAPE also offers a mood balancing supplement, a skin healing lotion, and pH balancing drops. For more specific pricing, give us a call, we’d be happy to visit with you.

Most answers adapted from the SHAPE ReClaimed Website. You can read more by visiting here.

Insight Wellness offers a proactive approach to take control of your health. Get to know the team.

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