Every Body Tells a Story. Let’s Take a Look Inside.

Take Care Of Your Health With Thermography

How can thermal imaging benefit YOU? If you’ve ever wondered why you feel the way you do, or why you’re so tired all of the time or simply what your body is trying to tell you, we can help!  Our purpose is to provide you with tools and guidance on your journey to better health.

Taking A Picture Worth A Thousand Words

The process of thermography includes taking a thermal image of your body, or a portion of your body. Using an infrared camera, we can identify thermal patterns throughout your body. These observed patterns can be indicative of breast health, lymphatic health, dental challenges, sinus and allergy issues, digestive disorders, cardiovascular health, hormone imbalance, back pain and much more. Thermography can also provide women younger than the recommended mammography screening age a safe screening outlet free of radiation.

Preventive Care Without The Risk

One of the greatest benefits of thermography is that it is radiation-free, making it a safe way to capture a baseline image of one’s health. Thermography highlights physiological patterns in the body, showing inflammation, and tracking changes in one’s health.

Our certified thermographers know the importance of comfort and how a welcoming atmosphere can make all the difference in the way we pursue a healthy life. 

Thermography Packages & Pricing

Breast Study


With Extended Chest Add-On


Health Study


Full Body Scan


Insight Wellness offers a proactive approach to take control of your health. Get to know the team.

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